Out of Darkness by John O Friend; I Remember...

My Memories

Fond recollections of my childhood return: the smell of an oak forest, fat summer raindrops on dry and dusty pavements, the rustle of autumn leaves underfoot, the soft touch of snowflakes on my face, the aroma of freshly roasted chestnuts and the wonder of opening and tasting them; the skating rink becoming a pool of duck weed and tadpoles as summer returned with the gentle repetitive call of the cricket. It was wonderful to be young and enjoy life, which was opening and expanding outwards before me like the warmth and light of the sun...

I hope my tale will be seen as the story of a fellow human being rather than that of a particular religion or ethnic experience. I will share my memories and so give insights into my past. As the years roll by, some memories fade while others come to the surface, as happens with the patterns and colours of an old Persian carpet one has walked on for many years. So, I will allow my memories alone to weave this tale for you, as they will.


I am in my 88th year as I finish my story. In 1995, I had triple by-pass surgery. Since then I have had three episodes of unconsciousness and I can tell you, it is a frightening experience. However, one cannot expect to live forever and I am glad I have managed to write about my life and perhaps document some events that are now past history. My life has truly been a journey of both darkness and light, but the light shines on as I continue to capture its beauty in my photographs, which I hope to do till the end of my days. I only wish that my life's partner would be still with me to share it all.

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Out of Darkness by John O Friend; I Remember..., I am a survivor of Holocaust. This is my story.